Thursday, July 20, 2017

"Clean Up" in progress

Here is the largest block I have ever made. 100-2 inch patches per block. I need 16 of these for this quilt. 

I sew them into 4-patches then into strip. This is enough to make 6 blocks. I have 10 made. So extras leftover for sashing. 

This is the pattern. It is a free pattern from They have a free tab in the shop tab at the top of their blog. Becky Tillman Petersen is very generous and designs these quilts and makes them up and offers them free on her blog and also on her Facebook page. 

I have enough for the blocks I need so onto the sashing pieces. This is about queen sized. 

You can use strip sets of just 2 inch squares. I had a ton of squares so my method this time. I also had over 200 4-patches made up and stuck in a drawer so that helped get it done faster. If you have older fabric that has been hanging around this is a great way to use it up. 

We are getting storms so the sewing machine is off. Computer is in laptop mode and cellphone is not charging. Have a great day. Chris

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Old Story new fabric

I ordered some new fabric for my kitchen windows. I will make panels for the long windows. I wanted the shrinkage out of the length so I washed and dried it. I threw in a Shout Color Guard sheet and look at the purple piece laying on the fabric.

I knew it would bleed. I had no doubt. So I took a picture to tell everyone that fabric bleeds. It is a Henry Glass & Co. piece called Summer's End by Buggy Barn. I am sure it was $14.00 a yard, but I purchased it much cheaper. 

I have heard the story over and over again my fabric doesn't bleed because I buy quilting shop fabric. This was quilting shop fabric and wasn't cheap. So rethink your thoughts or live on the wild side and hope it doesn't bleed. Chris

Monday, July 17, 2017

Slowly stitching

These are rows of 4-patches sewn into strips to be pressed now and starched to make a 100 patch block. I have have 9 made so far and need 16 total. I think I have enough strips to finish the block count. Then I need to make sashing and borders with more of the 2 inch squares. So more cutting and sewing will go on. I think I have used 7 bobbins so far. I have 9 more wound so we will see how far this goes to get this one done. 

In straightening up my sewing desk I moved some string blocks that I have been working and found this pile of blocks. There are 33 in this pile and I have a few done in the drawer. I think these were 25 squares of 2inch squares cut diagonally twice. I will surround them with triangles to make square in a square looking blocks. This is what happens whern you have to sew and nothing planned.
But it also is good because you can work on something different when the mood strikes you.

The heat and humidity are coming back. It was 55 degrees this morning. So if it cools off overnight it will help with the A/C bill. Chris

Sunday, July 16, 2017


The sewing is happening 15 minutes here and there. But it is getting done. 2 inch squares made into 4-patches. Never enough 4-patches.

These are strips ready to make into 100 piece blocks. I need 12 of them and have enough for about 9 of them complete. I then need more for the sashing and borders. Getting closer to the end of this madness.

The heat is less for a couple days so not as much sewing going on. I decided to push myself outside to get some fresh air. My allergies have been horrible this years so I think, I think I have them under control. I hope! Wasn't getting enough sleep and felt horrible. But it is improving.

Sun is out and plan on a grocery run this morning. I need to make some cookies for my husband. He likes a soft sugar cookie I make. As I make the recipe today I will take pictures. They taste like the Big Box sugar cookies in the clam shells for $3.99 a dozen. They are round and frosted. In fact they taste better. It has sour cream in the recipe.

Hope you have a nice Sunday. Chris

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Girls have been here.

Kate, Charleigh and Autumn were here the better part of the day on Friday. This picture was taken on the 4th of July by Mommy.

Charleigh is 6 months old now. She was on the 5th. She now has two bottom teeth also. Rolling around and getting into everything. She likes to empty waste baskets all over the floor.

You can't shovel the food in fast enough, but she gets distracted when she eats as to what the other two are doing.

I haven't said much about them lately. When they come it is so hectic I don't get pictures taken.

Autumn will start preschool in the fall and Katie has to wait another year. She will be 3 in Oct.

Time flies by quickly when little ones are around. The neighbors here are so surprised that all three have such blond hair. Charleigh's is almost white. Katie's is a red cast to it, but getting more blond. Autumn had red hair when she was little and now she is really blond.

All my grandkids have blond hair and blue eyes.

So I am sitting back and chillin' tonight. I sewed for 2 hours this morning while it was quiet. Plan on some more sewing tomorrow. I need to cut more variety.

I did go to the thrift store and got some clothing for the kids. Waiting for Fall and Winter clothing to come out. Get some good buys from this thrift shop. It is all donated clothing.

Cooler tonight, but suppose to start warming up next week. Stay cool. Chris

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I am here

The fact that the heat indexes has been up to 107 degress has been a factor with me. I have allergies and the heat and himidity play into that big time.

I haven't stitched a stitch in three days and I guess today will not either. I am going to meet my Daughter-in-law today and have three girls for most of the day. They have some work to do that they can't take the girls out in the heat to accomplish and my son is working his regular job.

I did get word that the baby cut two teeth yesterday. She is 6 1/2 months old. The older kids had them when they were 4 1/2 months. She was good natured through the whole thing. She has been drooling for months.

I have to go on a huge cutting spree and get some more colors cut for strings and squares. My variety is lacking in certain colors.

I have been reading Becky Tillman Petersen's
 blog called She has a lovely modern looking quilt on her blog post today and you will not believe what it is made of. This picture is another one of her patterns called Clean Up.

She lives in Poland and she must have thrift stores and resale shops close by. She has purchase duvet covers and sheets and solid colored clothing and made the neatest looking quilt. A girl after my own heart. It is all recycled except for the batting and thread of course. I guess I need to think in a different way when I hit the resale stores for solids.

I do have a large stack of solid cottons on hand that need to be worked into something so that maybe would work along with the solid recyled I will collect in the future.

Kids like bright colors and this particular pattern makes a great use of these bright colors.

I Need to start writing a grocery list. We are about of of everything. Last month I had taxes and one major purchase that placed us in the caution area of our finaces. I have plenty to eat and my bills are paid so no worries there. After next month all the extra stuff will have been paid. Funny how we know certain bills like insurances and taxes are coming, but our efforts to save for them get put off.

I think the humidity today is suppose to be less so hopefully the girls will stay inside and not want to be outside. If they do it will be short spirts of time. To hot for sure. Chris  

Saturday, July 8, 2017

100 squares to a block

I have sewn together 900-2 inch squares into 9 blocks. 

Made them into 4-patches and then sewed them into row. I spray starched them and pined every intersetion. I also put my walking foot on so they wouldn't slide. 

I did have a windfall because I had 200 4-patches made up and was storing them for something later. So that went a lot faster having them already
made up. I have 175 4-patches in 2.5 squares made up so something hwen I need them.

This is a quilt pattern that is free called Clean Up from Becky and Rachael have free patterns and sell fabric on this site. Check out the shopat the top of thepage and hit the free patterns. It will ask for you to sign in as if you are purchasing something,no cards are needed. Follow the instructions and then download when you make your purchase which is free for the patterns.

Going to make some more 4-patches and then I think I need to cut some more variety for the rest of this massive 2 inch project. Chris

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Next in line.

These have been pieced for awhile. They are rectangles to make a square. Not sure if this has a name and no designers were listed for this block. I found it on Pinterest. I have since seen it on Martha Stewart's Pinterest page, but no credit for it there either. 

They are 2.5 X 3.5 inch logs. There are 18 per block. You could make them smaller of larger depending on your scraps. 

Here they are layed out on the floor and will get sewn into a top tomorrow. I think I will make some more of them to make a twin quilt. 

I want to get some of these done and out of the sewing room. Plan on making a bunch before Christmas. Really finishing a lot of them. I have a lot in quilt blocks not finished. That is my goal. I think I will try the Baptist Fan quilting. I have a circle template so I will draw lines and quilt it that way. The texture is fun. This has so many nooks and cranny's it would be hard to outline stitch it. I am not good at meandering either. 

Hope to have more blocks made tomorrow. Chris

Another finish.

This is finally quilted bound and in the washer. I had some ripping to do on the quilting. I used a polyester batt and it shifted on me on one corner. so I tore out 6 inches around each side pf the corner and laid it really flatand straight pinned it down.

I got it restitched and it it layed much better. So binding got cut pressed andf stitched in place. This is one off the pile. Still way to many on the pile. 

Hope you are having a Happy 4th. Chris

Monday, July 3, 2017

Making hay, but it isn't stacking up. no quilting....

Center is quilted. Off and on over a couple days. Granddaughters were here yesterday so not much sewn while they were here. The baby is cutting teeth and she was fussy. Not her norm. 

Now gotta figure out something for the border quilting. I auditioned a cross hatch and it didn't come out right because of the size. I think i will do each side of the off white border and 1/4 inch outline the squares. Not very inventive, but I just want to get this finished. 

Then the challenge of the binding. I think fire engine red mini polka dot and my husband says a cranberry. Will get the quilting done and see how it looks. So many decisions. 

The day before the 4th of July. Where has this year gone? It is half over with. It will be Christmas before we know it. Scary!!!!!! Chris

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Scraps make it

Full disclosure: No yardage hurt in the making of this top. All scraps.....

I got this out to try and get any borders if any applied and get ti sandwiched. This is all scraps and Log Cabin logs applied to the outside of the star blocks. Crayon colors and very visual. 

Hope everyone has a Happy 4th of July here in the USA. Stay safe if out with fireworks. Chris

Friday, June 30, 2017

More done and more to go

I need 64 more 6 inch squares of strings to make a queen sized top. This is finally coming together.

Over the weekend through the 4th I will be making strings to finish this one up. I still have smaller strings to make for the Disney character quilts for the three girls. I have about half of the string blocks made for the three.

So this is going to mean cutting more fabric up.

In my travels through the piles in my sewing room I should have another string quilt in the works using brown sashing. Will have to locate that so I can make more string. OMGosh...

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Color everywhere

Strings are coming together here. I am finally getting to the assembly part. Trimming as I go so the bias edges are not distored and stitched right away.

I think this will be a Quilt as you go project. It is going to be a huge quilt when finished so wrestling it in the sewing machine would be hard on the shoulders. 

Gloomy and storms on the way. So back to my bright colors. Chris

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Revisiting an oldie

In my sorting I found this long term oldie. I found the cranberry and brown prints I used for the connecting pieces. Then on the run to find the tan for the rest of it. I located all of it. 

I ordered some fabric for the outside border. I ordered it from They sell fabric and also have free in detail patterns. You should really check them out. They have fabric at reduced prices and $5 shipping on anything. Look in the tabs at the top of the page and do your shopping. The patterns are free for download in PDF form. Most fabric is $3.99 a yard. 

Well I had a saved file on my old computer that crashed with the EPP pieces I used for this POTC quilt top. So I went on a mission this morning and the page I use to go to for shapes is no longe there. So I had to draft my own pieces from the existing pieces I have. I then save a hard copy so I have them when I need more. Lesson learned save hard copies. I do have jump drives with files on them, but which one. LOL

I laid the top as it is on the top of a queen size bed to see what the size is and how much farther I want to take this. I think two more rows and then borders. I don't think this will be a bed sized quilt. 

Suppose to be in the 70's today such a nice change from all the 90 degree weather of last week. Enjoy your day. Chris 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Cutting and stitching

I needed more variety so the cutting was started again. I am short on greens and oranges in my stash so need to address that for the future. This container is 1.5 inch strips which I am using for the string blocks I am making. So they get used fast. 

 This is a gallon bucket and it is overflowing. This is one of many that are cut of 2.5 inch strips. I have two different things going for these. I need a better storage plan. If I am going to cut fabric for addition projects at the same time for the one I am working on I need more storage.
Here is a pile of string blocks all trimmed up. I need to pull papers off. A few here and there add up after about an hour of sewing. Going to get to the store today to see if I can purchase a better method of storage. Chris

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Made some strings today

I did a little sewing here and there and made about 15 string blocks today. Some day it will get done. LOL

I have this game I play with myself that I want to stay working at something even if I get bored with it. I would love to start something new, but trying to convince myself to stay current with what I am doing.

I have determined I need some more storage for my strips and squares. I think tomorrow I will be going out to see if I can find what I think I need.

I have been cutting some each day and then sewing up most of it after I get some variety. Strings take quite a few strips to make each one. I think I need something like laundry baskets so when I cut I can get lots stored up.

Someone I read their blog uses clear trash bags. I think it gets so tangled and it would fray the edges. Maybe I just don't get things sewn up quick enough..

I have been reading a couple sewing blogs and the sense is that more people are sewing their own garments again. It had been a craft sewing decade and garments were not even thought of.

I really think I will make some tops for myself, but I haven't found the right fabric. I really would like something with polyester in it for the ease of not having to press everything.

I looked local and I am frustrated. We use to have 6 fabric stores in a 12 mile square area around where I am from. Wal-mart and Joann's is all there is now.

Times will change and things will be more online and no touching fabric.

Off to do more sorting. Chris  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Not a good day

I got up early and decided to work on strings again. I have cut several more pieces of late so it was piling up and I needed more squares made from strings. Two different sized and one going the straight way instead of on the diagonal. 

Well back to the bad day.....
I went to pay a bill. In a small parking lot and I looked both ways and over each shoulder and in my blind spot a car snuck behind me and I backed into it. My car had some scrapes on the bumper. His had both doors hit so it will cost my insurance company  a couple thousand dollars to fix his car. 

No tickets no one hurt. Cars can be repaired. Just frustrated. 

I think I am going to my sewing room and not come out until it is time to start supper. Chris

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Back to strings

Making more of these strings to go with the Disney character fabric. I needed to cut more strings to make the variety that I needed. I also need to get some blues and more greens cut.

This is sort of a fun quilt top to make, but I have to make three of them. If one has it the other two will have to have it. At this point I need to see how many more actual center squares with the characters in them I can cut out of this piece of fabric. It was a cut off piece I received in a rummage sale find. So I only have so many. I could stitch this on together, but if I don't have enough I can change gears to make it enough. I already have a plan for it.

The plan is a machine applique of a silhouette of Mickeys head in black in a square the same size as the printed squares.

Hot and humid here. Storms on the way this evening. Hopefully it will cool off some. Chris

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


I used 9-patches I had made on hand. I bordered them with strips. 

After I had posted a picture from Pinterest I was informed that it was someone elses idea that they were using for a new book. But it didn't list this patternas being someones from Pinterest. No directions were given.

I have been told it is in an up and coming book by Kim Diehl. Sorry if I stepped on toes. I made the size I had on hand. 

So beware of using pictures that are not marked as to who took them or designed them from Pinterest. A framed 9-patch is age old and the idea was what I looked at. Chris

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Another quilting job done

All of the decorative stitching is done on these blocks. I need to trim it up check for threads and then do the binding. I stuck with it today so I can move forward. I think off and on sewing it took about 10 days to work on this. But sometimes it was only 45 minutes at a time. 

Here is a closer look at it. These are crumb/crazy blocks I made out of odd shaped pieces leftover from cutting strips and squares. This one had 30 blocks in it. 

I think in my movement through the sewing room I found another 8 which is a start on another one. Using it up feels good instead of just throwing it away. 

You would be proud of me I haven't stitched on anything else. That is a first. Now I need to clean up a little and decide on a back for the next one in line to be finished.There are many sitting there. 

I have one that just needs borders cut and stitched on. Someday they will be done hopefully. Chris

Dreams didn't come true

Sitting here and trying to get motivated. I have been to the store to get done before the 90 degree heat starts in.

As a young adult and some years beyond I had a dream of being a fabric store owner. The reality hit that my cards were not stacked right. The jobs i had worked with fabric, but never enough money to support a business.

I tried to find a means and just wasn't to be. So when given lemons make lemonade???

Well the dream is hard to let go of, but I know it will never happen. It wasn't like I was handed a blank check and It could happen.

I now wish I had not been so heart set on that being my only goal in life. I am a wife and grandma.

If you have goals make them with reality in mind. My reality today is to get some sewing done and hopefully a finish on a quilt. Have a Great Day. Chris

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Getting closer to a finish

I have a good attitude over this one I thnk. Well I have to convince myself of it. I have 7 blocks to finish with the deco stitches then I can bind it. Hopefully I can get the stitching done today. I really want a change of pace.  

It is interesting trying to get all the seams covered with different stitches. I have a different brand of machine so thought I would get it out to get more variety. I ave 8 more of these blocks stitched, but not squared up. So I can push to make some more of these fun quilts. 

The Toddlers in the family like them to cover up with. Stay cool this weekend. Chris 

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Brown of Black sashing

This is another project started many years ago and not finished because I didn't have sashing and backing. These are mini squares made into 9-patches. I think they were 1.25 inch squares. Then framed . I have 25 of these made up. 

Side by side or sashed. Then black or brown sashing???

Don't remember what I thought I was going to do with them. It would make a good sized couch quilt with the number of blocks I have completed. I kinda like the added effect of the larger star when stitched side by side. Have to think this through a little. My husband likes sashed blocks. Me not so much. 

To me this looks more like a period quilt my Grandmother would have made. /more traditional in appearance. 

Need to water flower beds today. Haven't had much rain as of the last week. Some of the perennials were wilted yesterday. Chris

Monday, June 5, 2017

Still finding things that need finishing

I can see I don't know the date to put on the camera right. I just took this. I started the machine stitching on the crumb/crazy top. I use the deco stitches in my machine for the quilting process. I sandwich the top like any other quilt and wind a ton of bobbins and change stitches for each piece I stitch. It is a slow process, but attractive when complete without all the handwork of the old fashion method of hand stitching. 

While digging I Came across this hand sewn piece. I am not sure I have enough fabric to finish it to bed size. I need to maybe stop and finish it off the size it is now. This is Lucy Boston's Points Of The Cross pattern. I made this to this size when Jeff was real sick a few Winters ago.

Here you can see the block a little closer. I have a ton more to pull out and finish. These are ones that are closer to being complete. 

Have a great day. Chris

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Clearing out to make more room.

Found this UFO. Just have to finish the borders and it will be a queen sized top. Lucy Boston Points of the Cross. All hand stitched and appliqued. It is EPP work.

1madr the flower and set it on unbleached muslin and a solid green used in the 40's.

The border is of the elongated hexie downsized. I used them in a spray and got stuck as to what to do with the rest of the border. I have three mre to do. 

I used the hexies for the petals and also the leaves on this. All hand stitched and appliqued. Need to find the energy to finish it. 

Warm out to day and high humidity. Cool in the morning and A/C in the afternoon and evening. Chris  

More of being unorganized

You would think I would learn a lesson one of these days. Well I haven't. Must be a not nautural to me thing.

I am organized in most everything else.
Going to chain myself to the sewing room door and try to find some table tops today.

Hope you have a great day. Chris

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Found more blocks

 In my chaos I found 55-10.5 inch blocks. They are a modified court house step blocks using all pieces as they came out of the tub. 4-patches are 2.5 inch squares sewn together. Bright and colorful for a toddler.
The strips around the blocks are made with 1.5 inch strings. They are colorful.